Apr. 15th, 2017

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Well, I'm joining the exodus to Dreamwidth. That said, I haven't yet decided to get rid of the LJ and I've set things up to cross post. The list of friends who regularly post on LJ has dwindled and dwindled over the years but of those who are left, I really don't want to lose track of any of you.

I haven't updated for ages but I regularly mean to! I'm OK. Tired. Bit skint. The kids are beautiful and beloved and demanding. Egdog still sleeps like crap so we have him in our bed to minimise disruption during the regular nightly soothings. The house is very scruffy but still ours. My studies are going great, one more year to go on the Open degree if I want honours (I do!) and I think I'm on track to get a first, which feels good.

I have been having a lot of despair about the world. More anger and sadness than is useful to keep me informed and vaguely active. I stopped reading Facebook so much and that has helped. I try to keep in mind that turning my brain into a sponge to soak up horrors doesn't benefit anyone and makes me exhausted and useless.


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